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English Writing Skill Development Program

Why English writing skill is so important.

Many students struggle with writing in English and it can seem like a real challenge to improve. But having good English writing skill is an enormous advantage. It opens up fascinating & very well paid career options both in conventional & non-conventional areas which should be the reason enough to take English language learning seriously.

The Early Someone Starts The Better.

The More you Write the More you Learn !

Learning grammar is just not enough. Students should be regularly writing various forms of compositions like essays, comprehensions, precis, letters, short stories etc. to learn to write better English. There is a need for someone who will check & evaluate what students write and help them writing better English but it is often really difficult to find good dedicated teachers who take tests on a regular basis and then promptly and methodically check the answer copies. At EXELERS, students can appear for the tests regularly as and when they wish. Qualified & experienced teachers will evaluate the answer papers, point out mistakes & drawbacks and give marks with necessary comments & suggestions so that students can take a note of it, assess their performance, work on their weaknesses, re-appear for tests and improve their writing skill.

What it Covers !

For the Students of Class VII to XII

Students who Enroll with EXELERS can expect significant improvement in areas which include:

  • English Grammar
  • Essay / Composition writing
  • Picture Composition writing
  • Precis / Summary writing
  • Comprehension writing
  • Story & Article Writing
  • Notice Writing
  • Letter Writing
  • Advertisement Content Writing

Enroll with EXELERS

Enroll with EXELERS & appear for the tests regularly. Fees are affordable. Students can appear for the tests from anywhere, throughout the year, any number of times & improve their English writing skill. 

The Test Process

  • Students need to first Enroll themselves
  • After enrollment, students will get Student Account URL, Login UserID & Password
  • Student need to login & request for the Tests through the Student A/C
  • Test Question paper will be delivered online and will be made available under the Student A/C
  • Student need to download the Test Question paper & write answer paper at home
  • Student then needs to scan or take a mobile photo & upload the answer copy using the upload facility available under the the Student A/C, or, can handover the hard-copy to the ‘Student Coordinator’
  • Teachers / Examiners at EXELERS will evaluate answer papers and return with marks, comments, recommendations
  • Students can appear & re-appear for Tests any number of times, at any time, from anywhere
  • The more you appear for the tests, the more you learn !


Rs.3000 ( Rs. 500 as one time processing fees + Rs. 2500 as Pre-Paid Balance for Tests )

NOTE : Pre-Paid balance amount shall get added within Student A/C. Individual Test fees gets deducted from this Pre-Paid Balance.

Once the initial balance get utilized giving Tests, a minimum of Rs.1000/- can be added at any time through the student interface. Pre-paid balance has NO Validity Period. Balance fund can be used at any time as long as students keep their A/C live. Same A/C can continue from Class VII to XII.