Evaluate, Learn, Improve Maths & Science Subjects

For Class 9 to 12 of ICSE / ISC / CBSE Boards

Students enrolled with EXELERS can login to the Student Account Interface and request / appear for the tests from anywhere, at anytime & any number of times through out the year. Students can appear for Chapter-wise or Module-wise tests (a Module consists of multiple chapters) or can appear for the tests on Board Exam Sample Question Papers.

Qualified & experienced teachers at EXELERS evaluate answer papers, point out mistakes & drawbacks and give marks with necessary comments & suggestions so that students can take a note of it, assess their performance, work on their weaknesses, re-appear for tests and improve their performance.

The Advantages !

Appearing for tests regularly has definite advantages :

  • It boosts students confidence level to a great extent. The more students are accustomed to sitting for a period of time, answering test questions, and pacing themselves, the more comfortable students will feel when they actually sit down to take the test.
  • Student will get all the important questions of every chapters during the test process with their answers checked.
  • Such tests help students to form an habit of in-depth learning and instill a fearless competitive mind set.
  • Tests keep student’s course curriculum revised.

Enroll with Base Education

Enroll with EXELERS & appear for the tests regularly. Fees are affordable. Students can appear for the tests from anywhere, any number of times, throughout the year.

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